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15K LE

  • An advanced version of the famous 15K L.E
  • Translucent double layer with ventilation on the outer exterior
  • Comfortable inner sole
  • Player Quality grippers


Product Details New Big-bang Max is an excellent addition to the top-notch gripper shoe range. The newest colors in lime


  • Smart Gripper
  • PU Techno outer shell
  • Steady-solid durable gripper sole
  • Cushioning gel inside
  • R1 branding on the back
  • air vents enabled
  • Reflective CA branding


  • Fulfills the bunch of desired parameters of footwear of every sport enthusiast 
  • It possesses a high-vis blue sole made up of microfiber PU that makes this footwear more comfortable.
  • Ventilated outer shell to control heat and moisture.
  • Ideal for cricket and similar sports.
  • Uniquely designed inner cushion. 

JOSH Cricket Shoes (Green)

DESCRIPTION Upper Material PU COATED PVC Inner Material Comfortable Form Sole Florescent PVC Sole Collar Form High Density 15mm Zibbi

JOSH Cricket Shoes (Orange)

DESCRIPTION Upper Material PU COATED PVC Inner Material Comfortable Form Sole Florescent PVC Sole Collar Form High Density 15mm Zibbi


Product Details:
This magic bat named Plus 15000 PE is an all-time classic and hit cricket bat which is being made for all cricket connoisseurs out there. This bat is one of the extended versions of Plus 15000 but both the products hold their own value and specialty in their own way with a unique bunch of specifications that don't make any of the bats lesser than the other one. When it was being promoted on social media, this bat gained so much attention from its customers for being the strongest can handle bats of an era. Digging into its appearance then it is Grade one of seven-plus grains willow and it is crafted and manufactured keeping the aspect of balanced weight under consideration. Also, its grip makes it a pro-gear. This bat is endorsed by famous cricketers like Misbah-ul-Haq and Haris Sohail. The most unique feature to be mentioned as well as the presence of arch-shaped minimalistic red and silver stickers. Also, this product comes with a red-colored grip, and a reverse lock technology along with grooves makes them a perfect grip. Both the bats, plus 15000 P.E and Plus 15000 are handcrafted products that are admired by many cricket icons. This bat has red Glass Protek safety as well. It is packed and presented in a designer bag which makes it easy to carry. And both these bats are being introduced with a scratch code verification system.


Product Details:
The pinnacle of craftsmanship and the face of the brand is CA PLUS 20 K Limited Edition. Genuine player quality bat with 9 Plus grains English willow, ideal for professional cricketers who play all formats of cricket. Popular among international and county players this bat comes in a Three-piece construction cane handle enveloped in an ergonomically designed, long-lasting responsive grip. Multicolor hologramlike 3D stickers with Eion Morgon’s signatures on the face and harmony of stickers make it an elite class cricket bat. Blade construction is the hybrid design of pure classic thick sweet spot and the power bow brings out the best of you.  The elevated spine joins the handle smoothly to make it one perfect body and a hitting machine. Comes with the default  Glass Protek technology and is in a fully knocked, ready-to-play condition yet it's recommended to use oil-coating and pre-knocking before the first game. PLUS 20K L.E does come in variations of handles and weights. 

PLUS 3000

Product Details:
Plus 3000 can be your great magic wand if you want to start your game of cricket. who wants to start his/her cricket career with a reliable cricket brand. Something you need to nourish and excel in your field if you aim to opt-in cricket as a profession or if you are someone who plays it out of passion or hobby. So it can be a great choice, to begin with. This economically feasible product is competent and handcrafted. Talking further about its appearance, this bat is designed in such a way that keeping the factor aesthetically appealing with the presence of a fluorescent lime green grip and embossed 3D stickers on its front, this bat stands out from the rest, and can be seen from boundaries with bare eyes. Like all other bats Plus 3000 is also presented to the customer in a designer bag.  It also possesses a classic colored-matched toe guard and reverses scale handle grip. Any beginner and learner should consider using this product while upgrading their cricket accessories.

PLUS 5000

Product Details:
Most selling cricket bat with very positive feedback from batsmen. Hence, based on its demand, the bat is considered to be one of the most reliable and easily approachable products for rookies. Its unique aspect is the attractive and classy style it holds and that too within a reasonable price. Though light on pocket this bat possesses the same player quality manufacturing profile as higher versions. It comes with Glass Protek Technology. This stylish and classy bat is the best gift for young cricketers. CA Sports has specially introduced this bat for those who want to hold the CA brand yet within a budget, and also adapting their bating skills for a higher range of bats so when they move to the higher level of CA cricket bats they don't feel any difference.


Product Details
It offers unique specifications with a bunch of feasibility factors. So the phylon sole makes it durable and easy to move with. Along with that other amazing features comprise fantastic ventilation, so that your feet may feel comfortable and cool and you can move easily within them let it be any indoor movement or traveling too. It can be there for people of all lifestyles. Also, it offers a size range from 7 to 12

SM-18 7 STAR

Product Details:
This amazing bat is being made from grade A willow. And its distinguishing feature is its endorsement by renowned cricketer Shoaib Malik. Its bulky sweet spot enables the cricketer to do big hits and its robust edges are one of the key features, it is pre-knocked and the toe guard of this bat is there to defend its bottom part. It comes with Glass Protek Tecnology.All these features collectively make it a go-to product for all the professional and cricket fanatics out there.